Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ancient Egyptian Cake

So here I am again, on my cake decorating journey, finding its mystical ways into a realm of gorgeous and delicious cakes. Having only decorated cupcakes, I thought it was time to dipped my toe into the exoticness of decorating a large cake. My boyfriend's mum's birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something really special for her... Why not make a cake? It took quite some planning and buying, but I decided to do an Ancient Egyptian cake as she loves Ancient Egypt. Finding pictures of other similar themed cakes was really tough as i needed some inspiration but after coming across this gorgeous cake, made by a fantastic decorator, Erica Obrien, I based it to become my inspiration: Click here to check it out!

The beauty of making this cake, was just having a go with everything! Baking a large cake was a first for me, and I decided to use cake mix so that it was cheap and easy, yet baking it took much patience as it took longer in a large tin. Here is the outcome :)

Pretty good for a first attempt!

 I covered all the layers in fondant and spray painted them with Wilton's edible spray paint The brown sugar pyramids were made with mixing brown sugar and egg whites to make a consistency  where i could compact the sugar and mold the pyramids with the help of a knife.

 The scarabs were molded out of fondant and the hieroglyphics  were hand drawn using an edible marker.

And lastly, I used buttercream to do the writing :)

As an overall, I think I did quite well although I had a few issues with trimming the cake (It wasn't very leveled) and laying the fondant as it was cracking when I laid it on the cake.

The cake... WAS DELICIOUS and I began craving my own cake! Gee I love cake decorating <3

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